About PTI Golf Services

Pro-Turf International, Inc. (PTI Golf) provides a wide range of services with the experience to offer golf course renovation and construction, turf reduction programs, landscape construction, sports field construction, and construction management including grow in services. In short, PTI Golf can simplify the process of completing your golf course or landscape project by providing a reputable package of services, all done with confidence -because of our Team strength and a long list of successful projects and satisfied clients.

Pro-Turf International, Inc. (PTI Golf) is focused on the following areas of expertise:

PTI Golf Course Construction Services

Golf Course Renovation and Construction

PTI Golf provides ownership with a full range of construction services in all aspects of construction on a “bid” or “not to exceed” basis. The entire list of construction services include: project management; staking and layout; mass excavations; feature shaping; feature construction- greens, tees, bunkers: irrigation; drainage; landscaping; finish work; water features; turf installation

Additionally, PTI Golf has renovated or restored over 1,500 sand trap and bunkers on numerous golf facilities in the greater Southwest and most recently, Florida. In addition to complete renovation and drainage, PTI Golf also installs several bunker liner products that preserve and protect the integrity of the bunker sand after construction is complete.

Notable Projects

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PTI Golf Turf Reduction Programs

Turf Reduction Programs

PTI Golf has been performing turf reductions for many years providing cost savings to the Owner given the use of the “rebate programs” offered by many municipalities in the greater Southwest. These turf reduction programs have allowed us to provide the Owner with a design removing turf that is found in unwanted or non-play areas that will not have an adverse effect on playability. In general, turf reduction projects have drastically reduced water consumption resulting in huge water bill savings and electricity usage. Turf reduction savings is also realized with less winter overseed, fertilizer and general agronomic turf maintenance. These savings can benefit the operation for long term and can yield a “return on the investment” that can be realized for years after the construction is completed.

Every golf course has its areas of turf that are maintained purely for aesthetics. These areas are subject to many options to maintain the visual appeal once the turf is removed, and in some cases, desert landscape can be added to enhance the area or to restore the natural landscape. Additional services to provide decorative rock or decomposed granite (DG) can be added in highly visible locations near tees, greens, and heavily trafficked areas by the clubhouse.

PTI Golf is available to assist you with your project design and making the correct decision on your Turf Reduction project and to utilize our extensive experience implementing water saving strategies on our golf course.

Notable Projects

PTI Golf Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

In addition to golf course renovation and construction services, PTI Golf has been a part of some of the country’s largest and most elaborate landscape construction projects. PTI Golf’s unique management and construction methods continue to produce extensive landscape schemes within the budget ranges and compatibility of the site. PTI Golf offers complete design services, plant installation, major rock and boulder placement for enhancement, decorative and functional rock wall design; and construction of lakes, ponds, water features and irrigation installation.

PTI Golf Sports Field Construction

Sports Field Construction

PTI Golf is also experienced in sports field construction and athletic field construction where performance and durability are put to the test by the world’s top athletes! We are capable of handling the entire project from design to project management to completion.

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PTI Golf Team

Construction Management

PTI Golf offers a unique “owner and budget” friendly construction management program where we work within the owner’s allocated construction limits and provide “on-site” expertise and supervision of the entire construction project. Construction services include: planning; budgeting; scheduling; bid submission and analysis; contract development and supervision; monthly budget reconciliation; and final acceptance and recommendations; and even grow-in services- if desired.

Whether it is golf course renovation and construction, turf reduction, landscape construction, sport field construction, or construction management, PTI Golf can provide the services that you need.

You can request a consultation for more information or to setup a time to meet personally and explore the many ways that PTI Golf can help improve your facility.