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The Turf Professionals. Building, Renovating and Managing Golf Courses
for 30 years.

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Industry Professionals

We proudly serve the golf, sports and landscape industries to enhance quality and improve conditions in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

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Golf Maintenance

PTI Golf has a team of industry professionals with years of experience ready to take your course to the next level


Outsource Care

Managing Turf is what we do best. Let our team of professionals manage your golf management operations, providing you and your clients with the best possible playing conditions.

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Golf Construction

PTI Golf has a team of industry professionals with years of experience to handle the most complex construction and renovation projects. You will be sure to have our attention as well as our best crews to service your project accordingly. Attention to detail and performing with our “On Time, On Budget” performance creed allows us to achieve your goals.

Golf Course Renovations


PTI Golf Construction can simplify the process of completing your golf course or landscape project by providing a reputable package of services, all done with confidence.

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Golf Course Construction


PTI Golf Construction provides ownership with a full range of construction services in all aspects of construction on a “bid” or “not to exceed” basis.

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Golf Course Turf Reductions

Turf Reduction

Turf reductions are cost-savings projects that consist of removing turf in non-play areas and can result in huge water bill savings

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Golf Course Bunker Renovation

Bunker Renovation

PTI Golf has renovated or restored over 1,500 sand trap and bunkers on numerous golf facilities in the greater Southwest and most recently, Florida.

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Sports Turf

PTI Golf is highly experienced in sports field construction and athletic field construction. A major sporting event is where performance and durability are put to the test by the world’s top athletes! We are capable of handling the entire project from design to project management to completion.

Pro Turf Sports field construction services


PTI Golf has many years of experience constructing athletic fields from scratch or renovating an existing playing surface

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Field Maintenance

Field Maintenance

PTI Golf employs attention to detail and the best agronomic practices to provide world class playing surfaces

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Parks And Recreation

Parks & Recreation

PTI Golf’s team of professionals is here to provide renovation and maintenance services for municipal parks and recreational playing surfaces.

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event preparation

Event Preparation

Have a major event coming up that you need help with? PTI Golf can help temporarily transform your athletic field and return it back to its original condition.

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News Blog

From construction and renovation, to full outsourced course maintenance, temporary labor for spot projects, landscaping and even full sports turf construction and management. PTI Golf is the one source for all of your agronomy and continued care needs.

Historic Las Vegas National Offers More Than A Memorable Round Of Golf

The next time you are looking for an enjoyable and memorable golf experience in Las Vegas, consider the golf course that carries the town’s name – Las Vegas National. And while you are at it, build in some time to…

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Pro Turf International Completes Work On Red Rock CC Practice Facility

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