Arizona Country Club Renovation Of Tee Complexes Details

Arizona Country Club Renovation Of Tee Complexes

Members of the venerable Arizona Country Club were all smiles recently when the club unveiled seven new tee complexes at the 66-year-old Phoenix club.

Some wear and tear over the long history of the club, along with a desire to expand the golf experience, led to the decision to makes changes to seven of the tee complexes.

“Mostly we wanted to create more space for more options on our tee boxes,” said Kirby Putt, head golf course superintendent at Arizona CC. “A lot of them were elongated, some were widened and moved, all so we could have more variety for our players.”

Pro-Turf , quickly becoming the go-to company for golf course renovations in the southwest, was hired to do the work.

“This is the first time I have worked with Pro Turf, but I knew these guys and I liked them a lot,” said Putt. “That’s why we brought them in for this job. They are just the right size company- big enough to do a whole golf course, but not so big that personal service gets lost.”

The work was quite extensive.  As Putt described it, “With this re-design, everything got blown up. We tore them down completely and started from scratch – sizes, locations, irrigation, the works.”

Pro Turf spearheaded the entire project from start to finish, coordinating and communicating with all involved parties. Two things were especially pleasing to Putt.

“They finished the job earlier than anticipated, so that saved us money,” he said. “More impressive, they kept showing us ways we could save money. They’d say, ‘We’ll be glad to do this particular part of the job, but if you do it yourself you will save a lot of money.’ Not everybody does business that way, cutting into their profits to save you money. I really liked that.”

“We appreciated the opportunity to do this kind of work on a course with the history and reputation of Arizona Country Club,” said Kip Wolfe of Pro-Turf International Inc. “I hope they will call on us again in the future. They are a great staff to work with.”

Based on the reaction to their work on this project, the possibilities are good.

“Our membership is very, very pleased with the work,” said Putt, who was been at Arizona Country Club a total of 14 years in two different stints. “Pro Turf was really nice to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again.”

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