Arrowhead Country Club Driving Range Renovations Details

Arrowhead Country Club Driving Range Renovations

The outstanding practice facility at Arrowhead Country Club in Glendale, AZ, has been a popular spot that the 400-plus members of the club used to hone all aspects of their golf game.

The wear and tear of 25 years of use had taken its toll on the Arrowhead driving range, however, and its was becoming extremely difficult to keep a surface acceptable for the members.

“After years and years of filling divots and sanding, the driving range had become unlevel,” said Golf Course Superintendent Chuck Hyppa. “It was pretty beat up.”

So Fore Golf Management decided on a complete makeover, and Pro Turf was hired to do the work.

“We lasered leveled the tee and increased the size for more hitting stations,” said Kip Wolfe of Pro Turf . “The range was sodded with big roll tifway 419. It reopened last Friday.”

Arrowhead General Manager Tony Hensel was involved in the choice of Pro Turf, and was happy with the result.

“Basically the hitting area had built up over the years with all the sanding, so they lowered it some, leveled it out and expanded the hitting area by about 30 percent. They did a good job, and our members seem very happy with the enhancement.”

Hyppa was also pleased with the working arrangement.

“Kip and his crew was on site every day, and were very easy to work with,” said Hyppa. “They were fast and efficient – much faster than I would have thought. Within a week and half it had gone from a bad looking tee to a very impressive hitting area for the members. I thought they did a good job.”

This was one of several projects in the Phoenix area that Pro Turf is doing with Fore Golf Management properties.

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