Cost-saving Project at Terravita Country Club Details

Cost-saving Project at Terravita Country Club

Terravita Country Club was designed by PGA Hall of Famer Billy Casper and Greg Nash, Terravita has garnered an impressive 1st place ranking in Ranking Arizona – The Best of Arizona Business Magazine’s listing of the state’s top 10 private golf courses in five of the past six years.

Like most private golf clubs in today’s struggling economy, Terravita Country Club has searched for ways to trim maintenance costs without negatively affecting the golf experience for its members.

Unlike many private clubs, however, Terravita accomplished that without passing the cost to its membership. Golf course superintendent David Dube contracted with Pro Turf to eliminate approximately 7 acres of previously maintained areas of the golf course, without altering the way the course played.

“The areas of sod that we eliminated were mainly aesthetics, and not truly in play,” said Kip Wolfe, principal of Pro Turf. “For instance, we took out about ½-acre-plus in front of teeing areas on several of the holes. In some cases it probably has helped pace of play because players get a better rollout on missed shots.”

The Pro Turf team graded and re-contoured the previously sodded areas. In some cases they let Mother Nature just fill in from there, and in some cases added desert native plant material that wouldn’t impact play. The end result? Mission accomplished.

“The cost of commodities needed to maintain a golf course – oil, fuel, water, chemicals – continues to rise,” said Dube. “By reducing our maintenance costs thanks to this project, we will be able to handle the increase in expenses without having to pass those increases along to the membership.”

The membership seems to have taken to the new look of their golf course. “At first, the members commented about the loss of green areas,” said Dube. “But those comments disappeared as the new natural areas have become the norm. In fact, some of the players whose games have been helped by the change now like it much better.”

When it came time to choose the company that would do the job, Dube had no hesitation. “Mark (Doble) and Kip (Wolfe, Pro Turf principals) have the highest level of respect I can give,” said Dube. “And I chose them because of the diversity of this job. There was no blueprint for this. It needed ebb and flow, and it needed a company with some flexibility. That’s the type of company Pro-Turf International, Inc. is. They can get the job done without building up the fee at every little turn.

“When it is a job with unique challenges that needs to get done on budget and on time, I will always go with Pro-Turf International.”

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