Tim Matthias

Tim Matthias

I researched Pro Turf International. They are sough after authorities on all things landscape. Their excellence begins at the top. The combined knowledge and experience along with the example set by the company’s leadership sets the tone and direction for  the entire organization.

Prior to using PTI our property was being maintained by a very large and well known landscape maintenance company. The monthly rate was well below most other companies. Unfortunately, over the course of time (a few years) we really paid the price. We have a sports field with a special grass turf that requires a steady and faithful maintenance routine as well as a specific type of lawn mower. Needless to say the routine was not followed and the mower was broken more than it was in service. Our field was on it’s last leg. The rest of the property wasn’t far behind. It had become a very poor reflection of our church and school.

With wisdom and experience beyond what our property will ever require, Pro Turf Int. came with a plan to save our landscaping, provide value added upgrades and a promise to deliver four star customer service at an affordable price. We could not be happier, They have delivered on their promises. They are intuitive and proactive. Communication has been easy at every level. Their crews are led by professional managers who ensure that four star customer service is provided. The crew members themselves are polite, hardworking professionals.

I have the utmost confidence in Pro Turf International. I believe they value our relationship because it genuinely shows in their people and through their work. Because of this, I no longer stress about the up keep of this property; but instead feel like one of the famed golf resorts they have in their portfolio.

I highly recommend the expert landscaping services of Pro Turf International. I welcome anyone that wants to know more about my experiences with PTI to get in touch with me.

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