Marc Bingham

Marc Bingham

To whom it may concern


My name is Marc Bingham and I have been a member at Red Rock Country Club, Las Vegas NV for 8 years.

I have been a Men’s Golf Association Board member and also it’s immediate past President.

Approximately 7 years ago, our course conditions were declining.

At our low point, we had lost 50%+ of our Greens, our Fairways were thin, and our Rough was 80% diseased.

To make matters worse, we had wet areas near several Greens, which were continually in a state of “lift, clean & place”.

I think one can easily understand why management at RRCC made a change in who manages our course.


Pro Turf International was brought in to resurrect our course and to begin their efforts during our 3 weeks of fall closure.

When the course was re-opened early that October, PTI had already regrown perhaps 80% of our Greens and Rough.

When the Rough or a Green was too far-gone to be re-grown it was replaced with sod.

Installing herringbone drainage solved the areas that were perpetually wet.


My philosophy is that if I do not cut my own grass, I have no right to tell growing professionals how to do grow their grass.

As President, PTI was always a joy to work with.

Every question a Board member or I asked was honestly answered.

When the answer was “no” to a certain project it was respected as much as the numerous times “yes” was the answer.


I believe we may be in year 4 of Pro Turf International caring for our course.

The course is in the best shape in Las Vegas, which includes the 2 TPC courses, and S. Highlands CC.

PTI has increased root growth length on our Greens from 1/2” to well over 6”.

Our greens are fast, receptive to iron shots, smooth and consistent.

Our fairways are now dense and no longer thin.

Our rough is mowed to a perfect height and rewards a finely executed shot.


I would like to recognize excellence and consistency in the following individuals:

George Folopoulus:  RRCC Golf Superintendent

Alan Wright:  Former 1st Assistant to the Golf Superintendent (Alan has since been promoted and I do not know his new title)

Jared:  his honesty and follow through has been exceptional


I would heartily recommend PTI Golf to all that are in need of excellent course maintenance.

PTI Golf is a proud member of the following associations