Pro Turf Customer Reviews

Pro Turf offers a unique “owner and budget” friendly construction management program where we work within the owner’s allocated construction limits and provide “on-site” expertise and supervision of the entire construction project.

  • PTI Golf has enabled me to improve the condition of Rio Secco and Cascata for less expense than we were spending before and they understand the “Business of Golf”. They are willing to adjust their maintenance schedules to let me capitalize on peak time periods.

    Eric Dutt

    Vice President of Golf Operations

  • PTI golf management came into our operation at a crucial time when the course and greens were in dire need of repair. In a few short months they were able to turn it into the premier golf course it was intended to be. We are excited to see the improvements they are capable of in the years to come.

    Gerry Montiel

    Red Rock Country Club

  • Las Vegas National is a 50-year old course that needed a lot of work. PTI Golf has drastically improved the course conditions and our guests are regularly commenting how much better the course is, which is generating repeat business. With PTI Golf here we were able to do all the construction and renovation projects in-house at cost.

    Coy Wood

    General Manager Las Vegas National

  • PTI Golf and their construction staff were hired by Bridge Partners Group to construct Rainmaker Golf Club. Their attention to construction detail has carried over to the maintenance of the golf course. “I know that the playing conditions of the course will always meet the expectations of our members and guests.

    Dan Stanger

    Rainmaker Golf Club

  • PTI Golf does a great job of keeping my golf school at Rio Secco in the condition appropriate for my students, both amateurs attending my golf schools and the world class professionals I work with.

    Butch Harmon

    Butch Harmon School of Golf

  • PTI Golf was brought to the Loon Golf Course to do an overall assessment of our maintenance operations and provide suggestions on improvements to the course. Their expertise is a large part of why our 2010 business is up more than 30% over last year.

    John Manni

    Loon Golf Resort

  • I have had the opportunity to work with Pro Turf International on many different projects over the course of my career. We recently had a situation at our golf club where we required immediate assistance and a change in leadership in order to put our golf courses onto the correct path. Pro Turf International was able to quickly come in and assess our situation, implement new scheduling of our golf course programming, and help us to devise a course of action for future growth. The improvement seen was swift and we had many comments from our members and guests on how quickly our conditions were able to improve. In addition to these accomplishments, Pro Turf International was also able to help us identify a well-qualified candidate for our Golf Course Superintendent position that has proven to be a great hire. I highly recommend Pro Turf International’s outstanding Golf Maintenance services both professionally and personally.

    Leo Simonetta

    Director of Golf Operations - Wigwam Golf Club

  • Our students have the unique opportunity to play and practice on some of the most well maintained golf courses in the country. PTI Golf maintains many of the facilities our students receive access to; providing exposure to the best practices of golf course maintenance. It is clear from PTI Golf’s participation on our National Advisory Board and seminar instruction our students will leave UNLV with a greater appreciation for golf course maintenance.

    Christopher Cain, M.S., PGA

    Director, UNLV PGA Golf Management

  • PTI Golf has proven to be a tremendous asset since starting with Siena Golf Club as our agronomy experts. I have seen them transform Siena’s golf conditions in a very short period of time.

    They have a wealth of knowledge in agronomy and a keen eye for details. The detail work they have performed really shows. I have received numerous comments from our regulars at Siena on how happy they are with our golf course conditions.

    PTI Golf and their managers are very flexible with our golf management staff when it comes to last minute things and special requests.

    We couldn’t be happier so far with PTI Golf.

    Tony Lenzie

    Director of Golf / GM, Siena Golf Club

  • We installed the Linebacker Bunker Liner seven years ago on one of our greenside bunkers which is continuously washed out, even from small amounts of rain. With the steepness of our bunker faces, combined with the vast amounts of rainfall received in central Florida, washouts are a common occurrence. Not only has the liner cut down on repairing washouts, it’s also helped tremendously

    John’s Island Club West Course

    John Curran

    Superintendent - John’s Island Club West Course

  • I researched Pro Turf International. They are sough after authorities on all things landscape. Their excellence begins at the top. The combined knowledge and experience along with the example set by the company’s leadership sets the tone and direction for  the entire organization.

    Prior to using PTI our property was being maintained by a very large and well known landscape maintenance company. The monthly rate was well below most other companies. Unfortunately, over the course of time (a few years) we really paid the price. We have a sports field with a special grass turf that requires a steady and faithful maintenance routine as well as a specific type of lawn mower. Needless to say the routine was not followed and the mower was broken more than it was in service. Our field was on it’s last leg. The rest of the property wasn’t far behind. It had become a very poor reflection of our church and school.

    With wisdom and experience beyond what our property will ever require, Pro Turf Int. came with a plan to save our landscaping, provide value added upgrades and a promise to deliver four star customer service at an affordable price. We could not be happier, They have delivered on their promises. They are intuitive and proactive. Communication has been easy at every level. Their crews are led by professional managers who ensure that four star customer service is provided. The crew members themselves are polite, hardworking professionals.

    I have the utmost confidence in Pro Turf International. I believe they value our relationship because it genuinely shows in their people and through their work. Because of this, I no longer stress about the up keep of this property; but instead feel like one of the famed golf resorts they have in their portfolio.

    I highly recommend the expert landscaping services of Pro Turf International. I welcome anyone that wants to know more about my experiences with PTI to get in touch with me.

    Tim Matthias

    Executive Pastor

  • To whom it may concern


    My name is Marc Bingham and I have been a member at Red Rock Country Club, Las Vegas NV for 8 years.

    I have been a Men’s Golf Association Board member and also it’s immediate past President.

    Approximately 7 years ago, our course conditions were declining.

    At our low point, we had lost 50%+ of our Greens, our Fairways were thin, and our Rough was 80% diseased.

    To make matters worse, we had wet areas near several Greens, which were continually in a state of “lift, clean & place”.

    I think one can easily understand why management at RRCC made a change in who manages our course.


    Pro Turf International was brought in to resurrect our course and to begin their efforts during our 3 weeks of fall closure.

    When the course was re-opened early that October, PTI had already regrown perhaps 80% of our Greens and Rough.

    When the Rough or a Green was too far-gone to be re-grown it was replaced with sod.

    Installing herringbone drainage solved the areas that were perpetually wet.


    My philosophy is that if I do not cut my own grass, I have no right to tell growing professionals how to do grow their grass.

    As President, PTI was always a joy to work with.

    Every question a Board member or I asked was honestly answered.

    When the answer was “no” to a certain project it was respected as much as the numerous times “yes” was the answer.


    I believe we may be in year 4 of Pro Turf International caring for our course.

    The course is in the best shape in Las Vegas, which includes the 2 TPC courses, and S. Highlands CC.

    PTI has increased root growth length on our Greens from 1/2” to well over 6”.

    Our greens are fast, receptive to iron shots, smooth and consistent.

    Our fairways are now dense and no longer thin.

    Our rough is mowed to a perfect height and rewards a finely executed shot.


    I would like to recognize excellence and consistency in the following individuals:

    George Folopoulus:  RRCC Golf Superintendent

    Alan Wright:  Former 1st Assistant to the Golf Superintendent (Alan has since been promoted and I do not know his new title)

    Jared:  his honesty and follow through has been exceptional


    I would heartily recommend PTI Golf to all that are in need of excellent course maintenance.

    Marc Bingham

    Member - Red Rock Country Club

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    I have been a member of RRCC since 2007 and have experienced the course management team at that time exhibit very poor management and leadership judgement of the course upkeep which caused some of our members to leave our club, and others would voice serious concerns about our course conditions.

    Since Key Golf, (now PTI) took over in 2013, the changes in course management and maintenance, along with constant communication, listening to member’s concerns and addressing them, and the leadership of George Folopoulos and his team has taken our club to a higher level of membership enhancement and satisfaction.

    Our members are happy, and guest golfing invitations have increased along with their enjoyment of our course.

    Rick Recania

    Men’s Golf Association President - Red Rock Country Club

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