Pro Turf Sports Turf

Pro Turf Sports is highly experienced in athletic field maintenance, renovation and construction.  A major sporting event is where performance and durability are put to the test by the world’s top athletes!  We are capable of handling the entire project from design to project management to full maintenance management.

  • Construction

    PTI Golf has many years of experience constructing athletic fields from scratch or renovating an existing playing surface

  • Field Maintenance

    PTI Golf employs attention to detail and the best agronomic practices to provide world class playing surfaces

  • Parks & Recreation

    PTI Golf’s team of professionals is here to provide renovation and maintenance services for municipal parks and recreational playing surfaces.

  • Event Preparation

    Have a major event coming up that you need help with? PTI Golf can help temporarily transform your athletic field and return it back to its original condition.

  • Project Gallery

    Irrigation and proper drainage can make a huge difference in both cost savings, turf health and aesthetic value of a property.

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