Pro Turf Staff

  • Mark Doble - Pro Turf

    Mark Doble has been involved in the turf and golf industry for over 40 years and holds a degree from Michigan State University and advanced studies in International Agribusiness Management at Arizona State University.

  • Mickey Brown - Pro Turf

    Mickey Brown serves as Chief Executive Officer of Pro Turf and has a B.S degree in physiology from Michigan State University and a MBA in finance from Fairfield University.

  • Kip Wolfe is Vice President of Business Development for the Golf Division of Pro-Turf International and has a BS degree in Agribusiness from the University of Nevada- Reno.

  • Jared Bumpus serves as Director of Golf Course Maintenance Operations, with over 30 years of experience in golf course maintenance and construction.

  • Jeremie Smith - Pro Turf

    Jeremie Smith serves as Director of Construction, Sports Turf and Landscape Operations with over 20 years of golf course and turf industry related experience and a turf certificate from Mundus Institute.

  • Joe Noriega is our ISA Certified Arborist for Pro Turf International.

  • Barbara Vaughn is Pro Turf International’s Human Resources/Payroll Manager and is responsible for the Company’s compliance with Federal, State and Local Employment Laws and Payroll and Benefits Policies.

  • Chris is Pro Turf International’s Accountant; he is responsible for handling accounts payable/ receivable and ensures that the office operates smoothly and efficiently.

  • Jose is Pro Turf International’s Director of Landscaping Operations.

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